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J.R. Taylor

LOVED THIS PHOTO SHOOT! 1. It was my first musician session. 2. The pictures were taken out by The Oasis… that area is pretty much a photographers playground. 3. I’ve kept in touch with J.R. and his family. They are incredible people. 4. J.R. is a phenomenal musician. 5. I spent time in an awesome studio, which i’ve never done before. 6. I love taking pictures. 7. I hope you enjoy them.

Also, check out one of J.R.’s bands, “Water & Rust.” They are really incredible. Songs can be found on YouTube. _MG_6864 copy_MG_6865 copy_MG_6950 copy_MG_7002 copy_MG_7010 copy_MG_7032 copy_MG_7040 copy_MG_7042 copy_MG_7112 copy1_MG_7239 copy_MG_7256 copy_MG_7261 copy_MG_7285 copy_MG_7300 copy_MG_7367 copy_MG_7394 copy_MG_7432 copy_MG_7601 copy_MG_7491 copy copyIMG_6868 copyIMG_6873 copyIMG_6880 copyIMG_6984 copyIMG_6987 copyIMG_6993 copyUntitled-1_MG_7609 copy_MG_7617 copy_MG_7623 copy_MG_7627 copy_MG_7674 copy_MG_7692 copy_MG_7750 copy_MG_7898 copy_MG_8024 copy

Christmas Card Season!

Cole, Amy, and Georgia. #christmascards.IMG_9167 copy1IMG_9181 copy copy copy1IMG_9195 copy copyIMG_9169 copy

Christmas Card Season!

Lauren, Will, Molly Kate, and grandparents. #christmascards._MG_8648 copy_MG_8662 copy_MG_8670 copy_MG_8682 copy_MG_8736 copy_MG_8764 copy_MG_8945 copy_MG_9001 copy_MG_8815 copy_MG_9083 copy

Meghan & Shannon

Well, these kids are two of my favorite people. Not only did I get to photograph their engagement pictures, but I also got to fly to Tennessee to visit these crazy favorites of mine. Meghan is pretty much my big sister/pocket mom and I love her to death! I’ve already adopted Shannon as my big brother. This was such a fun session…and it was a BEAUTIFUL setting. I’m always up for traveling to photograph whatever/whoever I can… especially for those I love._MG_5596 copy copy_MG_5613 copy copy1 _MG_5669 copy _MG_5691 copy copy_MG_5693 copy_MG_5798 copy copy _MG_5881 copy _MG_5800 copy _MG_5887 copy copy Untitled-1 _MG_5925 copy copy1 _MG_5925 copy (1) _MG_5663 copy

Molly Kate is 18 Months!

Well, it’s been a while, friends, but I’m finally updating the blog! Almost every time I head home to Louisiana, my dear friend Lauren books a session for photos of her adorable little girl, Molly. We went to a place called Acadian Village, and it was a photographers playground filled with old houses and churches, a lake, bridges, flowers, antique/rusted wagons, etc. It was pretty much a playground for Molly Kate, too. I’m thankful I was behind the camera with all of the running around we did. It was awesome…and I certainly plan to use this location again. And, I’m 100% certain I’ll be taking photos for Lauren again. That makes me happy! Truly thankful for the gift I’ve been given and for such dedicated clients.  _MG_4103 copy copy _MG_4344 copy copy _MG_4235 copy copy _MG_4186 copy copy _MG_4330 copy _MG_4080 copy _MG_4171 copy _MG_4011 copy _MG_4166 copy _MG_4139 copy _MG_4127 copy _MG_3977 copy _MG_3852 copy

The Carter Family

I’ve known Nick and Lauren for years now. I LOVE THEM! Lauren was my counselor at Camp Ozark, so it was awesome getting to photograph her baby girl, Landry. It was cold, but Landry was a trooper. Thanks to Laurens idea with the cards, these photos came out wonderfully. Thanks for the shoot, Lauren and Nick… can’t wait for many more hang outs with Landry.


My dear friend Whitney showed her step-mom pictures from the previous shoot and she loved the frame pictures so much, Whitney hired me for another shoot! So great! It was a rainy day, but thanks to the Domain and it’s cool apartment halls, we still got some pretty sweet shots. Thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to get a few out in the street. More frames. More families. More Love.

The Paull’s

Rainy days do not photography! 🙂 I enjoyed getting to meet little June and finally doing a shoot at the Domain. It was so great to see Elise, whom I haven’t seen in years. We all used to volunteer in Kidstuff at our church and of course we just lost touch.As every shoot is a treat, this one falls on the list. Great people. Lots of love.

Judice Family

Ginna hired me for two separate photo shoots…. thanks girl! Loved how easy it was to work with this family. They are wonderful people, and it was a blessing to get to take photos twice in a row for them!!

Shoot for Grandparents!

This was my second shoot while in Louisiana. It was so great to see old friends that I went to high school with that I haven’t seen since. Their little boys are super cute. I know I say that about every child, but what can I say…. i think every kid is the cutest in the world!