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J.R. Taylor

LOVED THIS PHOTO SHOOT! 1. It was my first musician session. 2. The pictures were taken out by The Oasis… that area is pretty much a photographers playground. 3. I’ve kept in touch with J.R. and his family. They are incredible people. 4. J.R. is a phenomenal musician. 5. I spent time in an awesome studio, which i’ve never done before. 6. I love taking pictures. 7. I hope you enjoy them.

Also, check out one of J.R.’s bands, “Water & Rust.” They are really incredible. Songs can be found on YouTube. _MG_6864 copy_MG_6865 copy_MG_6950 copy_MG_7002 copy_MG_7010 copy_MG_7032 copy_MG_7040 copy_MG_7042 copy_MG_7112 copy1_MG_7239 copy_MG_7256 copy_MG_7261 copy_MG_7285 copy_MG_7300 copy_MG_7367 copy_MG_7394 copy_MG_7432 copy_MG_7601 copy_MG_7491 copy copyIMG_6868 copyIMG_6873 copyIMG_6880 copyIMG_6984 copyIMG_6987 copyIMG_6993 copyUntitled-1_MG_7609 copy_MG_7617 copy_MG_7623 copy_MG_7627 copy_MG_7674 copy_MG_7692 copy_MG_7750 copy_MG_7898 copy_MG_8024 copy

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Posted by jamietalley on January 3, 2013

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