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Kent Phillips

Well, this shoot was quite different than any that I’m used to… no kids, no couples… just one male. I was excited when Kent, who’s a good friend of mine, called me up and asked for my photog. services. He’s running for Texas Senate (vote for him), and not only did I get the privilege of photographing for his campaign, but I was able to help by just donating the session to him. Looking forward to your big win, Kent!

Trey and Mia

A few months ago I worked a silent auction and offered a session as one of the items. This shoot was from that event. Trey and Mia were ADORABLE! They were a little shy at first, which is understandable given a stranger is holding a huge machine in front of them, but once I kicked it into playtime photographer mode, they didn’t seem to mind much at all. I loved getting to play in their tree house and have them selected a favorite toy to take a picture with. I had a great time meeting the Pleasant family and I hope to take more photos of them in the future.