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Week 3: Silent Auction. Spelling Bee.

Last Thursday, I got the opportunity to photograph for a good cause.  There was an event held at Austin Music Hall, and its purpose was to raise money for the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas. It consisted of a spelling bee, “Austin’s Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee,” and a silent auction. I took part by photographing the event and offering a children’s portrait session for the auction. For the Spelling Bee, there were 19 teams of 3, and they all brought entertainment by representing their team names with costumes to match. The costume that entertained me the most actually wasn’t on a team…it was a random bookworm whose purpose was to walk around the entire time, busting the occasional dance move. I loved it. I had no idea what to expect at an adult spelling bee, and I was left totally speechless when I heard the words these individuals could spell. I’m talking full on jaw dropper type of situation. The two teams that made it to the final round were “The Church Ladies” and “The Spelling Demons.” At this, I couldn’t help but laugh…of course it would come down to Good vs. Evil. It went back and forth for quite some time, and in the end, “The Spelling Demons” took the 1st place trophy and “The Church Ladies” took the second. It was such a fun event, and I love that it was all for a good cause. I’m definitely interested in volunteering my photography to benefit non-profit organizations, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

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Posted by jamietalley on May 4, 2010
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  1. 08/23/2010

    Again, we can’t thank you enough for this donation, Jamie! We’re so glad you were involved and appreciate your amazing pictures of the event!

    • 08/23/2010

      Anytime! I’m willing to help out in any way I can. Let me know!


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