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The Whited Family

This shoot was great for so many reasons, but I’ll just tell you the top five. 1. I love this family. 2. I love flowers 3. I got to combine numbers 1 & 2. I hang out with Bryan, Kalie, Evie, and Chopper on a pretty regular basis, so it was especially awesome getting to take their family pictures. We found this amazing field of flowers and quickly learned that a fence is no deal breaker if it can be hopped. 🙂 That would be reason number 4 of why this shoot was so great. We took pictures as quickly as possible and then headed to reason number 5…lunch at Rudy’s barbecue. What a perfect Sunday!

Kohlie Robin Pt. 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted a few teaser pictures of Kohlie, and I’m finally posting more. So here they are…