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Week 1: The Heart of the City

I figured I’d kick-off my 6-month venture right in the heart of the city. I took these pictures last week while I was advertising for the “Canadian Blast” venue at SXSW. While I enjoy the music and the people at these festivals, my favorite part about them, by far, is how they make the city feel so alive.  But, I think it’s safe to say that Austin is a refreshing place with or without the festivities. I really do love the feeling that comes with walking down the streets the in the midday sunshine. Honestly, those downtown strolls are a very rare occasion for me, but when they do happen, it’s incredibly invigorating. I’m not a huge fan of clubs, so I can’t toot 6th street’s horn, but I have to admit how much I love the fact that music is a big part of the nightlife scene. Austin really does have something to welcome every one. If you’re like me, welcome to some great music venues. If you’re the nightlife type, welcome to your playground.

Kohlie Elise Robin

This past weekend I took a trip to Louisiana to visit family and friends, and, of course, to put my camera to use. I had three photo shoots, all on Saturday, and I’ve never found chaos to be more enjoyable. I love taking pictures of anything and everything, but, I have to say, photographing children is my absolute favorite. There’s just something about those energetic little tikes…they really bring me joy. As I was on my way to see my best friend, Allyson, and take pictures of her little girl, I couldn’t help but acknowledge how truly and unbelievably blessed I am. Photography in itself makes me happy, but getting to photograph those who are dear to my heart is beyond comparison. Here are a few shots of Kohlie, the cutest little bambina ever, whom I love so very much.